Wonder Woman: Movie Review

Wonder Woman is a fantastic film and the strongest story line to come from a DC movie in a long while. After so many years of being in development hell, and coming after the disappointing Batman vs. Superman movie, everyone was relieved when this movie turned out to be one of the best summer blockbusters of the year.

Plot Summary

The story starts with Diana as a child running around and watching the other amazons train and avoiding her tutoring lessons. Her mother, Queen¬†Hippolyta, is very strict about keeping her out of harm’s way, even though she’s obviously a strong girl for her age.

General Antiope (Diana’s aunt, played by Robin Wright) wants to train Diana and help her achieve her full potential as a warrior, but Hippolyta forbids it… At least until Diana is a teenager and she’s like, “well… okay!”

When Diana grows into a grown woman, Antiope pushes her during a training session and unintentionally awakens her powers.

Diana meets Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), a Word War I pilot who crashes into the ocean by the island. The island of Themyscira is supposed to be surrounded by a protective force field to hide them from their enemies, but it can’t keep out a plane or a fleet of the Nazi ships chasing Steve?

Diana has her call to action moment after learning about the war going on in the rest of the world, and leaves with Steve to find Ares (the god of war who may be the cause behind the conflict) and defeat him.

This Movie Has Great Characters

What really carries this movie are the characters. They are all so likable and relatable. Steve is charming and has great chemistry with Diana. He and Diana team up with a band of military misfits to help them with their objective.


Sameer is a French-Moroccan spy who comes across as sleazy at first, but proves to be a loyal ally and funny character. Sameer tries to charm Diana at first by flirting with her, but she one-ups him in his knowledge of languages. Sameer is impressed and treats her with respect through the rest of the movie.

Charlie (played by Ewen Bremner) is a drunk Scottish sniper who suffers from PTSD, but has a talent for piano playing and singing.

Chief Napi is a Blackfoot Native American and demi-god. He plays as the typical solemn and wise Native American character, but he is a kind and soft-spoken character who is recruited for his skills in combat and smuggling people across enemy lines.

The villains are fantastic as well. I won’t go into detail about them since it would give too much away.

The DC Hero We Needed

Of course, the best character is Wonder Woman herself. Gal Gadot brings a very accurate sense of strength, justice, and compassion to the character. What I’ve always admired about Wonder Woman is that she is a strong female character who can defeat almost anyone and anything in combat. What juxtaposes that awesome power is her huge heart and love for all living things. These two main traits in her personality make her a very empowering character and role model.


We see strong women in media all the time nowadays, and they aren’t always as kind or warm as Diana. Diana stands out because she is strong, but also very kind. Her kindness adds to her strength. It doesn’t weaken her or hinder her story arc. Kindness in women has always been portrayed as a trait in love interests and side characters. If you think about strong female characters, most of them are physically strong and good at combat but have personalities that are just as cold and distant as their male counterparts.

In a time when we need more kind and strong people, Wonder Woman is the perfect role model people need in a time with so much fear and conflict. She sets an example of what people should be, not just for women.


Overall, the film isn’t perfect, but it is very entertaining and is the best DC film we have gotten in a long time.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves comic book movies, strong female leads, or anyone who wants to see a generally good film.


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