War For the Planet of the Apes: Movie Review

War for the Planet of the Apes is the third installment of the Planet of the Apes reboot series, and it has cemented the franchise as one of the best trilogies we’ve had in years.

We’ve seen Caesar’s origins in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and his coming to his own as a leader in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War of the Planet of the Apes completes his arc as one of the best characters in cinema history.

One of the Best War Stories

The movie starts with a battle between humans and apes. The scene is suspenseful and grabs your attention. We aren’t surprised to see humans shooting at apes, but we also see apes on the side of the humans! We learn later why, but seeing apes fight with humans against other apes shows the complexity of the conflict. Right away, we are told things are not black and white, like a realistic war.

There are some fantastic emotional scenes with the apes and Caesar’s family. Caesar is more human than ever in both his character and his fantastic CG animation. I won’t spoil anything in this review, but there are scenes that will make you tear up or cry (depending on what kind of movie-goer you are).


As other critics have said about this movie, you will be cheering for the apes to defeat the humans the entire way through.

Strongest Villain in Film History

Woody Harrelson as the Colonel (the main villain) is a badass who delivers one of the best villain speeches ever! Harrelson’s performance is subtle and nuanced. The character comes across as a typical military bad guy at first, until you get to know him when he and Caesar have a dialogue half way through the movie.


After the speech, you identify with his motives and can easily understand where he’s coming from. Caesar does as well and it adds to his character arc as a hero.

Caesar is haunted by Koba, who hated humans for performing cruel experiments on him, and Caesar is torn between vengeance and focusing on what’s best for his family.

It’s a long film, but you will be so invested that you won’t even notice.

Go See This Movie if You Haven’t Already

I honestly don’t want to go into too much detail and give anything away, so if you haven’t seen this movie yet, go see it (but make sure to watch the first two movies first).

People are praising all three movies as the best trilogy we have gotten in years, and for a good reason.

I see this trilogy going down in history as classics like the original movies. Some even argue that they are better than the original movies.

Check it out and see for yourself!




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